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Longbow Brewery
Located inside Osage Casino Hotel Tulsa, Longbow Brew Co. offers a unique experience for craft beer enthusiasts! With a 4,000 square foot brew house featuring a state-of-the-art 20-barrel Prospero brewery system, Longbow Brew Co. currently offers 5 styles of craft beer, brewed and served fresh on-site. With a wide range of beer styles sure to satisfy any beer connoisseur, the Longbow Brew Co. Bar is the perfect place to sample a beer flight, grab a snack, watch live sports, and observe the brewing action!

Don Saaz: Don Saaz is a clean, light body Kolsh-style beer with fruity and floral flavors from the exclusive use of Czech Saaz hops. Kolsh is a beer style that originated in Germany in the 1300s. 

Thresher: Thresher is a crisp, refreshing German-style wheat ale with copious amounts of orange and citrus flavors.  The thresher has been hard at work separating the wheat from the chaff for its namesake beer, but we promise that there’s no work required to enjoy this full-flavored and aromatic beer all year long.  

SIPA: SIPA is a Session IPA with a slight tart flavor and a huge tropical profile with hints of papaya, prickly pear, and pineapple. It’s an easy drinker meant to be enjoyed on a lazy summer day while relaxing in your favorite flip flops.

Osage Ale: Osage Ale is a refreshing light American Golden Ale with subtle tropical notes and highly bittered hops. Like the great bison of the Tallgrass Prairie, this is the perfect beer to be enjoyed outdoors, feeling the breeze sweeping over the warm summer plains. 

Mullet: Mullet is a perfectly balanced American Standard Ale with malt upfront and hop flavor in the back. For the beer-loving folks that usually go for a domestic American lager, Mullet invites you to make the leap to a flavorful craft beer that’s still easy-drinking and unpretentious.